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Note: You need a valid customer account to use the customer service portal. If you not a customer at this time please first signup for a service first. If you need assistance please contact your local reseller or ISP.




For encrypted eMail please install the Rechenzentrum Winterthur CA certificate.

Serial no. : 0147 64B1 AB33 92DE 5E21 C764 272C D296
Fingerprint: C4E6 D082 E636 E014 DED1 D208 5977 724B 5287 EEFA
Valid from Jul. 22, 2014 till Jul. 22, 2019

Information on howto install the CA certificate with MacOS can be found here (german).
Information on howto install the CA certificate in Windows can be found here (german).

If you are looking for PGP-Keys or if you want to submit PGP-Keys please use our public PGP-Keyserver:
Public PGP keyserver which can be access here.

Please always check PGP fingerprints when using PGP encrypted messages.





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